Haag Media is the small business solution for your small business. We believe in a holistic, ground up approach to your brand – working with you to take your brand recognition to the next level. If that means a simple post card – no problem. If that means getting business cards for all your employees – consider it done. If that means building your company from a figment of your imagination to a well recognized brand – let’s get started.

With Haag Media, you will not get automated emails with rigid pricing. We work with you to discover what works best for your timeline, budget, and personality. Once we have those bases covered, we dive right in to create a memorable piece of material. Consider us your very own marketing department.


Haag Media was started in 2011 as the side project of one man in Lexington, KY. It continues to be a small business solution for your small to medium sized businesses. Haag Media prides itself on being the advocate of the customer. Because we aren’t a big agency (yet), this allows us a unique positioning in that we value our customers dearly. Our struggles are your struggles, your success is our success.

Haag Media has a set of core values that guide our work each day:

    • Faith
    • Integrity
    • Loyalty
    • Innovation
    • Balance
    • Respect
    • Joy

It’s not just about us. We believe that it is our duty to respond to our faith and put it into action. Did you know that 10% of every payment that comes into Haag Media goes right back out the door? 10% of each payment received is given to Samaritan’s Purse to support orphans and vulnerable children. Learn more about their initiatives and how you can help further.

Samartian's Purse

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Haag Media is the solution for all of your marketing and advertising needs. We specialize in getting your brand and vision off the ground. From logos, to websites, and complete long-term marketing plans, we are your partner for the entire process. At whatever step in the process you are in, let Haag Media come along side your brand and establish a strategy that builds and maintains a high level of awareness.

We accomplish your goals through these specialized areas:


Print isn’t dead. When someone gets your companies information directly to their door, they have to look at it! And “print” doesn’t just mean boring postcards. Need a pop-up banner and materials for a trade show? We can do that. Need a 50 page product catalog? We can do that. Need stickers to let people know about your upcoming event? We can do that. In many cases, we can even have your product printed and shipped directly to your door. When it comes to print, we’ve got ideas. Let’s bring our ideas together and create something spectacular.


Don’t have a web presence for your brand? Then most likely there are people out there who aren’t hearing about your product or service. With the digital landscape of the 21st century, it is imperative that you have a website to connect with potential customers. Not only do you need a website, you need a great one – one that will make your viewers want to interact with you and your brand. Let’s talk about making an awesome website for your brand.


Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? If the above looks like Spanglish to you, let’s talk about your social media strategy. As a company that grew up in the digital era, we know how to get people interacting with your brand and how to turn that into action on their part. It’s not just about having a social media presence for your brand anymore, it’s about dynamically interacting with them and meeting them where they are.

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The Work

Our clients are important to us here at Haag Media. We believe in providing client-centered services, but before that, providing a friendly environment and relationship in which to do business. Here are projects from our clients and what they have to say.


Media Produced: Digital (Web)

Details: The Southern Association of College and University Business Officers (SACUBO) was founded in 1982 and is an organization for all the business folks of higher education, mainly in the Southeast, to connect with one another and share ideas. They host 2 conferences annually and their website receives thousands of unique visitors every year (trust us, we are tracking it).

The Tony Franklin System

Media Produced: Print, Email

Details: Famed college football coach Tony Franklin offers a variety of camps for both coaches and players. When they needed to revamp their direct mail promotional items, Haag Media was called in to run the spread offense. Taking the clients design preferences, we developed a mailer that would be sent to high school coaches across the east coast. Print pieces to be utilized for the camps were also produced to give them the edge in a competitive athletic market.

Chris Tyler for State Representative

Media Produced: Print, Social

Details: Chris Tyler needed a dynamic marketing strategy to reach his constituency quickly, effectively, and continuously through an election season. After an initial meeting to develop a consistent message and focus, Haag Media developed direct mail pieces and door hangers for the campaign. To constantly interact with his target audience, a social media presence was developed via Facebook which included page graphics, content, and infographics to get his message out.

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Haag Media would be delighted to talk with you about an upcoming project, sending you a quote for work, or just shooting the breeze.

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